Work At BIZpaye

BIZpaye Licensee Offices in Afghanistan, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, India and Thailand are currently recruiting highly motivated, professional team players for the following positions;


Sales Consultants

BIZpaye Sales Consultants are the heart of our business, their role is to continually introduce Business owners to the opportunities and rewards BIZpaye can offer their business.

Typically, a BIZpaye Sales Consultant will spend most of their time in the field meeting business owners, so you must be a person everyone wants to meet. You will motivated enough to generate your own leads and to ensure you set a minimum of 15 fresh appointments per week to ensure that your earning potential is far beyond your expectations.


Account Trade Managers

BIZpaye Trade Managers are “The Movers & Shakers” of the BIZpaye system.

You will be allocated a select base of BIZpaye Members who match your professional skills in CRM where it will be your role to business match the buying and selling needs of your allocated Member base with either BIZpaye Members from your own branch or from any BIZpaye Branch worldwide.


Branch Managers / Licensees

A BIZpaye Branch Manager is the coach, captain and leader of our teams worldwide.

You will be a person that our BIZpaye team will look to for motivation, support and encouragement in the daily operation of your BIZpaye Branch Office.

We purposely mentioned nothing about the day-to-day roles and responsibilities of a BIZpaye Branch Manager, as to BIZpaye, it is more important that our teams come first, so you must be a person that leads by example.

BIZpaye recruits its Branch Managers from within, so apply for one of the roles above and who knows, you could be running your very own BIZpaye Branch very soon.