How BIZpaye Helps Businesses GROW?

The BIZpaye network helps business owners in a variety of ways, all designed to make business easier, more successful and ultimately more profitable.

BIZpaye Is A Fairer Way To Trade (Flexibility) 

BIZpaye provides a more modern, fairer and flexible way to do business. The status of your BIZpaye Account and/or the Business you're in determines whether the Flexible options BIZpaye can offer your business.

BIZpaye Increases Sales (New Customers)

Your turnover increases as the BIZpaye team works closely with your business to attract new, loyal and repeat customers to trade with you, either locally, nationally or internationally.

BIZpaye Helps Reduce Your Cash Expenses

Utilizing your very own BIZpaye Interest FREE line-of-credit, instead of your valuable cash reserves, is a fantastic way to reduce your business cash expenses whilst improving your cash flow. When you purchase with your BIZpaye Credits, for every BIZpaye Dollar you spend is a real Cash Dollar you save in your business.

BIZpaye Interest FREE Line Of Credit

Your BIZpaye Interest FREE Line of Credit is your business best friend when it comes to purchasing. When you use your BIZpaye Interest FREE Line of Credit, it's just that, Interest FREE and instead of paying back what you owe in Cash, the BIZpaye Team will promote your business Free of Charge and send new customers to your business to spend their BIZpaye Credits when they purchase from you and 100% of every BIZpaye Dollar they spend with you goes towards paying for what you have used. And provided you keep your BIZpaye Account in good order, there is NO fixed time for you to pay back what you have spent, now how's that for flexibility. Can your bank offer you that - NO - well BIZpaye does.

BIZpaye FREE Local, National & International Advertising & Promotion For Your Business

Whether your business is large or small, BIZpaye offers all business members a wide range of FREE advertising and promotions to help your business generate even more business.

From Newsletters, Email Promotions, Member Directories, Trade Shows, Networking Events, Marketplace Selling, Auction Site Selling and more, BIZpaye offers a promotion to suit most business needs.

BIZpaye Networking & Business Matching

BIZpaye provides a range of Networking Events, Business Seminars, Trade Shows, Focus Group Dinners, Top Trader Events, Social Media Links and more, all designed to help you generate more business and to grow your business contacts, locally, nationally or internationally through the BIZpaye International network.

Your personal BIZpaye Account Manager will work closely with you to help match your business with other businesses and owners that may wish to trade with you, thus improving the image, profile and profitability of you and your business.

BIZpaye Account Manager - Your Friend In Business

BIZpaye recognizes that business people are busy people, so to assist you trade and maximize the opportunities within the BIZpaye Network, you will have your very own BIZpaye Account Manager who is there to;

  • Promote your business
  • Source buying opportunities for you
  • Channel customers to your business
  • Assist you to trade within the BIZpaye Network
  • And much more…

  • BIZpaye Is A Lasting Value Currency

    When spending in a trade exchange the money stays in the exchange, and comes back to you in future sales time and time again – forever!

    Usually when cash is used to make purchases the money never comes back to your business in sales.

    BIZpaye = Increased Market Share

    As well as increasing your businesses market share, you will actually be adding value to the Net worth of your business through increased turnover and higher profits. BIZpaye works closely with only a select number of each type of business in each area, thus allowing us to effectively channel new customers to these BIZpaye Member Businesses. Would you like BIZpaye to send our customers to your business and not your competitors, then apply for your BIZpaye Account Today.

    BIZpaye Reduces Your Businesses Idle Capacity & Increases Productivity

    Move surplus inventory, get better value for excess and superseded lines, keep your staff occupied looking after new customers, not trying to clear excess stock. If it needs clearing with new sales, if it needs filling with new customers, then BIZpaye has the solution for your business.

    BIZpaye has many more ways that we can help deliver a better bottom line for your business, locally, nationally or internationally.

    BIZpaye is one of the World’s fastest emerging International Trade Exchange Networks - so let BIZpaye can deliver your business to the world.