About BIZpaye Licensing

BIZpaye is part of a recession proof $23 billion dollar a year barter industry

The GFC, Economies struggling due to lack of funds (cash), with the possibility of more to come - in today’s modern business world there is only one industry that is truly recession proof and one that provides a world of opportunities even when the rest of the world is in crisis - that industry is the BIZpaye payment platform.

Let’s face it - we have all traded something, somewhere and sometime in our lives, but BIZpaye has taken this to a whole new level by developing both a cash and cashless global payment gateway, which is enjoyed by business owners daily.

In fact - These businesses use the BIZpaye Global network to buy, sell and trade millions of dollars worth of goods and services from all corners of the world.

One of the main advantages for any business who trades within the BIZpaye Program is the fact that BIZpaye can offer a 200% Guarantee that we can bring any business “New Customers”.

As you explore the vast array of business opportunities - consider this - you would have to be confident that your business model can deliver what you promise if you offer a guarantee like BIZpaye does?

That’s why no one else offers a Guarantee in Business like BIZpaye does.

BIZpaye is a business model that really works

Founded in Hong Kong, the BIZpaye Platform is set to lead the world in this $23 Billion Dollar Global Industry.

BIZpaye will show the world that we have what it takes to deliver a system that not only defies modern day monetary thinking, but provides a Global platform for business to business trading which continues to grow at a rapid pace.

From our Original launch in 2014, with 6 Countries and growing – An Investment in a BIZpaye License Offers Growth & Opportunity that is unsurpassed.​