BIZpaye Holiday Team - Your Travel Experts

Save cash on your next holiday or business trip
Let the BIZpaye Team help you spend Trade Credits
not cash next time you travel .

Spending your BIZpaye Trade Credits on your next holiday is a great way to save cash, whilst guaranteeing you new business.

By using your BIZpaye Interest Free Line Of Credit to pay for your holiday needs, you’ll have the peace of mind that upon return from your holiday, the BIZpaye team will promote your business and send you new customers to pay for your holiday.

From restaurants, airport transfers, hotels and motels, tailors, gift shopping, tours and more, just imagine how much cash you could save by using BIZpaye instead of cash for your holiday needs.

Additionally, use BIZpaye for your corporate travel needs and save even more cash whilst doing business.

Before you spend any cash on your next holiday, spend a few minutes and check in with your BIZpaye Account Manager to see what is available on BIZpaye in the area you want to travel to.

Your BIZpaye Account Manager will search for travel and holiday opportunities for you and if you are happy to proceed, they will even book and confirm your needs, saving you even more time.

Contact your BIZpaye Account Manager today for help with your next holiday or business trip.